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Lighting Up The Offroad

At R1 we manufacture and build the best of the best. We design and build our own products that lead the industry in brightness and durability. We build our products for abuse and back them up with our amazing Lifetime Warranty! R1 Products are built strictly for Off-road Enthusiasts who want their parts to last!!!

Who We Are:

R1 Whips offers the most innovation and brightest LED light whips on the market! We take pride in providing the best Off-road Light whips and Quick release mounts in the biz! R1 field tests and abuses every product we sell. Because we actually design and manufacture our own products we are constantly upgrading and making changes as our product line matures to ensure we provide the best products possible. Customer input and suggestions help us enhance the user experience and ensure our products are the top of the line. You will see us at the places you ride abusing our products and pushing them to the limit. Tell us how we are doing by leaving a review below or on our Facebook Page. Ask our customers, do your research, and then join our R1 Industries family. We use every product we sell. We guarantee you will love your R1 products.


The best whips available for your UTV and a great company that will provide you awesome service.

Jennie Rasmussen

Brightest, most durable, most leds, and the best customer service I've ever dealt With. 10/10 would reccomend. These Whips have so many modes and there are multiple ways to adjust the modes. You can make them brighter or dimmer, and change the speed of the patterns. The RGB set is Bluetooth and runs off an app and syncs with the rock lights. They have multiple color combinations and you'll never run out of styles and designs. We have been running R1 for years and don't plan on changing brands anytime soon. <3

Sesha Steele

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