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  • Fits 2020+ RZR Pro XP 2 & 4 Seat Models 
  • This is a must have item for your Pro XP!  The factory intake tube collapses under boost as it's made from very weak molded rubber.  We saw this as a weak point upon first inspection of this model.  On the dyno we started turning up the boost past 22psi and instantly the airflow was completely cut off.  Higher outside air temps will cause the rubber to be softer than cold air temps, so this has been a known issue even on stock boost levels.  
  • Aluminum tube with short silicone couplers will not collapse like the factory design
  • This is the original pre airbox intake tube and flows better than silicone replacements due to the aluminum design
  • Tested at 25+ PSI of boost and rigid enough to withstand miles of punishing whoop sections without issue. 
  • Bead rolled ends to keep couplers in place
  • Easy to install taking 10-15 minutes

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