MSA M21 Lok Beadlock Wheel 4/156

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      The M21 Lok Beadlock Wheel from Motosport Alloys is one of the best looking beadlocks available. Put it on your UTV or ATV and you’ll have everything you could want in a rim. You can see for yourself how great this wheel looks. That’s thanks to the "gunmetal" dark-tinted clear coat applied over the machined wheel face.

    This type of finish doesn’t just add depth to the color of the wheel, it provides a surface that sheds dirt extremely easily so cleaning up after a ride is a snap. And of course you still get Motosport Alloy quality along with various sizes and a lifetime structural warranty from MSA themselves. So keep your machine moving forward with the M21 Lok Beadlock Wheel from Motosport Alloys.