40" 400 Watt Curved Dual Row R1 Light Bar

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Our new 40" curved Light bars will blow your mind! Our Max Performance Light bars are 300 Watts and produce 14,499 Lumens. We are not kidding when we tell you our light bars pack a serious punch and we have the data to prove it!!!
Our special designed breather balances the pressure inside the light bar with the outside air. If your light bar is completely sealed and there is a temperature imbalance between the outside air and the air inside your light bar, normal light bars will fog up and drastically decrease your light bars performance which is why our patented breather makes our light bars one step ahead of the competition and they will always preform at maximum performance. 
  • IP 69 Grade waterproof design
  • Spot and flood combo
  • 6063 Aluminum housing
  • Lexan Lens which is 300X Stronger than glass
  • 7135 Lux measurement (Lux = Light density)
  • 5000K White light
  • Highest output LEDs on the market
1: 40" curved light bar
2: Mounting Brackets
1: Mounting Hardware and tool kit
1: Wiring Harness
1: Relay
1: Fuse
1: Toggle Switch

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